A Spoonflower Story

I found Spoonflower.com when I was looking for the 'perfect' fabric for throw pillows. It's a digital printing site, where people make custom fabrics, and have the option of selling their designs in the Spoonflower Market Place.  I found some great stuff that I'll eventually commit to (probably something by Holli Zollinger).
I also tried my hand at designing fabrics- and though I don't really have the talent that the pros have, I really had a good time doing it.

The first fabric I made as a surprise for Francis, using his drawings, and I made a bathroom window curtain with it. I didn't understand how to resize the pattern on Spoonflower, and I chose the cheapest fabric option (NEVER AGAIN).
Friendly Faces by Francis X Friel
The next couple ones I made were with my drawings, that I drew intentionally to upload to Spoonflower.  Then, I made a bunch with Francis's drawings that had been scanned in the computer, which turned out pretty well, I think.
 The only bummer is that the fabrics print way darker than I was expecting, and also some of the colors were a little muddy. I ended up getting a  $1 color chart, which was a swatch sized piece of fabric, with color blocks and their corresponding HTML color codes. Since I've been editing the final colors within the Spoonflower site, and their editor uses HTML color codes, I'm pretty confident that any more fabric will turn out more closely to what I am expecting.

 To see the rest of what I put together,

Tin Woodsman by Francis X Friel

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