Zombie Craze

So my coworker, Eddie, who (paradoxically) loves miniatures but doesn't respond well to 'twee', wanted a box. He did not want trees or bunting flags, he wanted an urban scape. I put off making it for about a couple weeks, because I couldn't figure out how to make an urban scape interesting. 

Now, normally, the only Zombies in my life are sung about by the Cranberries, but Eddie is totally a zombie guy so I did my best to come up with something he's like.
guess what, it's a magnet!

The way I stretched myself on this one is that I painted the figures myself. I used stinky, caustic enamel paints, which look a thousand times better than thinned out acrylics I've tried to use in the past to paint figures. I cemented a loose arm to the child figures hand.

Preiser unpainted figures on the sprue:

Painted figures on the "Xacto X-tra Hands":

Craftsmanship wise, this isn't my favorite box. I liked the surprise box thematically, and the one for Emily and David was the most nicely made. But I'm glad I tried a couple new things. I don't have any plans to make any more boxes.

 Here as a bonus is the box that started it all*!!!!! OUR WEDDING ANNOUNCEMENT!!!
*and the reason we have so many extra matchboxes ;-)
not a magnet.

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