Worlds Smallest Bunting Flags (tm)

Since the Birthday Surprise diorama, I've made three more matchboxes as gifts. I've consecutively made them more challenging to myself (with varying degrees of aesthetic success).

This here is the second diorama I made. It is exponentially better than the one I made for Tara. I want to steal the one for tara back and replace it with one of this quality:
Also has a magnet glued to the back.

Obviously, the scrap-booking paper I choose to wrap the matchbox in is much more interesting, and the gemstone label is cooler. I'll never like my handwriting, but it's much less distracting here than on Tara's surprise box.

Inside the box is the same premise, a german HO scale figure, model train turf materials, a watercolored background and bunting flags.
This time, though, I made the bunting flags for real on a gold thread! yay! fun and super easy!

I enjoyed making them so much, I made two more that that I have no use for:

The one that says TEENY TINY was made the same way as the Happy Birthday flags: the letters were printed on white copy paper in 4pt font, painted with watercolors and cut into 2mm triangles.

The one that says REPENT was printed on color paper, then cut into triangles. It is a lot more readable.

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