Was "adorable magnet" on the registry?

Made for my friend Emily's wedding. I used slightly different scrapbooking paper- but what can I say, both Emily and Katharine like green.  I bought a "1lb" pack of fancy paper more than two years ago, and it's been INDISPENSABLE.  This paper had too much white in it, so I colored the while with watercolors. As you can also see, I figured out a way to not handwrite the message on the outside of the box.
Also a magnet.

Again I've used high quality figures, Woodland Scenics turf, bunting flags on gold thread...

As a small change,  I painted the background on stiff watercolor paper, so the edges of the box are neater and the inside folds are crisper. 
The real development is that I made two trees out of matches (trimmed shorter, painted brown with clumped greenery at the top) and tied the bunting flags to the trees.

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