Cookie Party Cookie Party Cookie Party

Been making these cookies based on Smitten Kitchen's recipe, but with dried cranberries, super dark chocolate chips cut off of a chocolate bar, and molasses. I've made them three times, and even without being too precise with measurements, they've turned out GREAT !

Here are some from the first batch I made a month or so ago:

 I also making cookies or some other treat, and cleaning up so well from it that when Francis wakes up, they are just there- no evidence of mixing bowls or spilled flour. It's kind of weird- if it's a sweet treat I have to clean up right away- but if we make pork chops and broccoli those pots and pans will be "soaking" for days!

Meanwhile, we just got 8 boxes of samoas, do-si-dos, and tagalongs  in the mail from my dad's side (his step grand daughter is a scout). I have to keep reminding myself that there is no timeline on consuming them. Fran moved them from the coffee table to the kitchen, which has taken the pressure off.

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