button, penny, and figurine collections


A couple years ago my sister gave me her pin collection- maybe a hundred buttons from the 80s and early 90s. They were displayed on the same horrible cornflower blue quilting material that hung over her bed when we were kids. I took them off the "tapestry" and found the very best ones to give back to her- on blue velveteen in a frame:

This picture was so dark and hard to see without lightening and desaturating it.

You can see, the small collection of buttons that I gave back to her are all top notch, but the frame itself is literally falling apart. I think the idea was good, but the execution and materials just weren't there.

I still had the remaining 80 buttons in a box and decided to make myself a "triptych" of collections:

Three collections on 16" x 20" RIBBA frames, with foam under velvet. The frames are 15$ each, but we already had one in the apartment.  I didn't want to make the same mistakes I did with my sisters gift and end up with something I didn't like, which is how I justified the cost.

The hardest part will be actually hanging them on the wall evenly.
I'm pretty happy with the buttons- even though I, and now you, know they are second tier from the original collection.  

The pennies are glued to the velvet- they seem pretty secure but I bet I could peel them off if I wanted to. I had some difficulty polishing them- more on that another day.

I stopped having so much fun towards the end of sewing the ceramic animals to the fabric- I didn't get as many as I wanted on there before I hit the old wall of boredom.

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