Corinne's Vending Emporium

this machine would have 25 different movie 'spoilers' to collect, printed on paper with a cute illustration.
Other than the machine and the capsules, the cost would be only in paper and printing.
I've priced out gumball machines and pretty much know the ins and outs and all the options, and its actually a pretty reasonable and realistic purchase if I had a product and location in place.  I have ideas as to how I could incorporate a free-spin (no coin mechanism) machine into a Philly Penny Press package, but I'd also be interested in having a vending machine in public.

Thoughts on  a public machine:
The product has to be unusual, but also something someone would actually want to buy. It also has to cost under a quarter to produce, and the production run has to start between a hundred and two hundred pieces.

Clockwise from top left: 1) as beautiful as paper cranes are, their demand is low because everyone makes them. 2) mending notions could be cheap if they are only a few pins and a mini spool (think like a hotel mending kit divided into 4 smaller kits) but cheaper supplies wouldn't have that rustic look the people want. 3) Artisanal edibles would go rancid in the capsules. 4) Cheap figures are not of the best quality, though this and 5) are the most feasible of the batch.
Even with a great idea (I think the spoiler machine is pretty good) not having a location is the biggest road block. I'd need a friend with a store or cafe, and the machine needs to work with the stores theme but not compete with the merchandise. There is not so much incentive to host a machine when profit margins are so small that profit share isn't possible.


  1. Cory, I feel like the boys at Pizza Brain/Little Babies might be really into having a machine at their pizza shop. I can put you in touch if you want to brainstorm with them.

    We must have other friends with shops too...I'll keep thinking about it.

    Also: the contents could rotate, yeah? Like be one thing for a month, then a nother thing? Hmmm. This is a fun idea. Guest artists contributing, collaborations on a theme....there's a lot of good ways this could go.

  2. I didn't see your comment before, sorry. I assumed I'd get an email (like the two I get for every comment on My Jello Americans).

    I am interested in actually doing this idea. I haven't been to Pizza/Babies yet, so I don't know their set up, and if they'd be interested. I feel like they like a lot of control over their brand, and might not be interested in someone else's random shit. I'm really jazzed about this, but because it's not a profit driven venture I'm keeping my expectations realistic.

    I would like to offer Pizza Babies something though:
    As you know, I'm launching a Penny Machine Rental company in January. I currently have a refurbished vintage penny machine (it can be seen here: http://www.phillypennypress.com/). The 'launch' isn't for another six weeks because I'm getting some promotional materials together, and another set of pressing images, and it will coincide with the Love Sick Expo, an alt bridal show that Little Babies will be repping at.

    If a company [Pizza Babies] was interested in buying a image die at cost, they could design three images, and host the machine for like, the month of February or March. That would give my machine exposure, and be a cool souvenir for their shops. The die would be theirs, and they could borrow the machine at other times if it's not otherwise reserved for an event.