After accidentally missing the Miniature convention last year and feeling like bull shit about it, I'm thrilled to tell you that Shelly and I made it this year. The deck was sure stacked against us but we live to blog about it! 
Shelly got this one picture of the Wright Guide Minis.
Wright Guide Minis had the largest display of cool tiny accessories, definitely a resource I'd use if I was a serious miniaturist.

The convention was dollhouse furnishings, accessories and supplies, and there were tons of really amazing exhibitors. It seemed uncouth to take pictures of people's handiworks but I grabbed a few cards for my favorite booths and am going through them now. Lots of amazing craftmanship: we looked through a real working 1 inch kaleidoscope (here it is!)!

Maybe my favorite piece at the convention:
(c) ulus miniaturas
(c) ulus miniaturas

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