Totally married!

As I begin writing this, it is November 12th, 2012, and Francis and I have been married for 41 days.  In the first week after we eloped, almost every friend or co-worker who I saw asked me if it 'felt different', the way people joke on birthdays. In this instance, I didn't know whether to say yes or no: 'yes' would require an explanation, and 'no' was flippant and false.

So, do we LOOK any different?
We didn't get married for any one specific reason- but when people ask (we 'eloped', so it wasn't for the party, the gifts or the declarations in front of god and the community) I say: the title of husband accurately reflects who he is to me. This isn't an explanation, but its true. He is in my immediate family and the decisions he, I, and we make reflect the life we are building together. I'm excited and curious to see what we'll do.

We eloped because we are both deeply absorbed in our own projects, generally creative things we do that keep us happy, sane and feel productive.  We would have had to halt our hobbies and side projects for a long time to plan and pay for a wedding, and that didn't appeal to us.

a private affair.
Marriage, both objectively and personally, is a more interesting subject than I would have ever expected, and should I ever write a sincere post again, I hope to expound on it. We're super happy and being married feels mostly the same, but a little bit different.

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